Miraculous Balm: Mix These Three Ingredients, And Varicose Veins Will Disappear Overnight

Varicose-enlarged veins are swollen, dark blue or purple blood vessels that you can obviously see and feel under the skin.


There are many reasons for the development of enlarged veins.

Some of them are certainly genetics, pregnancy, long and strenuous standing, walking or overweight.

Often they also occur as a side effect of some drugs, hormonal pills or contraception.

Another cause of their appearance can be excessive exposure to the sun or solarium, wearing high heels, weakening circulation due to age.

However, they most commonly occur in people aged between 20 and 40 years. Also, they are most commonly in women.

If it is not treated, it can lead to complications such as thrombosis, open wounds and the like.

By using this recipe, you will no longer have to hide your legs. This natural recipe promises will make varicose veins literally disappear for a moment.


– half a cup of aloe vera pulp

– Apple vinegar

– Half a cup of chopped carrots


Insert the carrot into the blender, add aloe vera and mix until you get a uniform mass. Then, add a little apple vinegar until you get a creamy, smearing mixture, which you will easily pour into the bottle because you can use the balsam several times.

Type of use:

Apply the mixture to the leg areas where the enlarged veins are located and then place in a comfortable position, with the best slightly raised legs, relax and stay about half an hour. Finally, rinse with cold water.

Pour it regularly, until the veins begin to retreat.