How to Clear Blocked Arteries with Natural Health Remedies

Dr. Richard Needle, a Medical Intuitive and Nutritionist intuitively identifies what illnesses and diseases are in the body, many times at cell level before medical tests are able to diagnose them. In fact, Dr. Needle and his wife are in their 70’s, and neither take over-the-counter or prescription drugs, because they do not need them.

According to Dr. Needle, blocked can be stopped by addressing nutritional deficiencies and allowing the body to detoxify and heal itself.  He explains that we can let mother nature, God to do the healing, if you give that body the right food, the right water, the right supplementation and detoxify itself.

The body will heal itself. First of all, in regular traditional medicine, the medical doctor are treating the symptoms with drugs and surgery. This includes alternative healers, naturopathic physicians,  alternative
chiropractors and nutritionists who are using natural substances and they are also treating the symptoms of their patients.

The causes of sickness and diseases should be removed first. Dr Needle’s program does not treat symptoms but removing the causes by bringing a balance to that patient’s body for its specific genetics.

It is done with a five hundred food-eating plan. It’s not a diet but explains what foods are causing sickness and disease in the body.  The right nutritional supplements is important.